For future growth, for future generations, and for a future Japan.

“I will break down any and all walls looming ahead of the Japanese economy and map out a new trajectory for growth.
This is precisely the mission of Abenomics.”
—Prime Minister ABE Shinzo

Updated in January 2020

  • 1 Innovation in Societal Structures
  • 2 Diversity & Empowerment of People
  • 3 Smart Regulations & Laws
  • 4 Attractive International Opportunities
  • 5 More Competitive Business

About Abenomics

Since coming to power in late 2012, Prime Minister ABE Shinzo and his government unveiled a comprehensive policy package to revive the Japanese economy from two decades of deflation, all while maintaining fiscal discipline. This program became known as Abenomics.

Abenomics keeps boosting Japan’s economy

2012 vs Latest

  • Nominal GDP

    66.3 JPY tn (609 USD bn)

    493 JPY tn
    (4528 USD bn)
    >559 JPY tn
    (5137 USD bn)

    Record high
  • Number of Employed Persons (Female)

    3.8 mn (2.9mn)

    62.8 mn
    (26.6 mn)
    >66.6 mn
    (29.5 mn)

    Record high
  • Corporate Pre-Tax Profit

    42.1 JPY tn (387 USD bn)

    39.7 JPY tn
    (365 USD bn)
    >81.8 JPY tn
    (751 USD bn)

    Record high
  • Unemployment Rate

    2.4 %

    4.3 % > 2.4 %

  • Private Non-Residential Investment

    16.2 JPY tn (149 USD bn)

    71.9 JPY tn
    (660 USD bn)
    >88.0 JPY tn
    (808 USD bn)

  • Tax Revenue

    16.2 JPY tn (150 USD bn)

    43.9 JPY tn
    (403 USD bn)
    >60.2 JPY tn
    (553 USD bn)

  • Nominal GDP
  • Number of Employed Persons (female)
  • Corporate Pre-tax Profit
  • Unemployment Rate
  • Private Non-Residential Investment
  • Tax Revenue

How Abenomics Works

The greatest structural issue facing the Japanese economy is the aging of society and shrinking of the population.
However, we see this challenge as an opportunity.

Demographic change is a social challenge that will soon be shared by most developed countries.

Japan is committed to achieving sustainable growth and becoming a pioneer in the establishment of a new social model. We call this Society 5.0, Japan’s vision for the next step in human evolution.

Goal 1: Achieving Sustainable Growth

Goal 1: Achieving Sustainable Growth

Implement comprehensive reform to accelerate an economic virtuous cycle, which will help grow GDP to 600 trillion yen.

How Abenomics Works

Goal 2: Realizing Society 5.0

Society 5.0 is a national vision aimed at realizing a data-driven, human-centric society for our future generations.
It is a vision in which economic development, digitalization, and solutions for social issues are aligned.

Goal 2: Realizing Society 5.0

Goal 2: Realizing Society 5.0

Society 5.0Society 5.0

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