Work: Asia Quest

Hometown: Yangon, Myanmar

Arrived: 2008

System engineer Zin Mar Win enjoys a relaxing and convenient life in Oita prefecture, where she has laid the foundations for a fulfilling career.

Driven by an interest in languages, Zin Mar Win’s positive experiences studying Japanese in Myanmar inspired her to study abroad at Beppu’s Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in 2008. After graduating, she successfully applied for a five-year work visa in the humanities and international services field. Having honed her skills as a system engineer in Fukuoka and abroad, she returned to Beppu to develop applications at Asia Quest, a company providing IoT solutions and IT services.
Despite Zin’s initial reservations about living abroad, she now enjoys a healthy work-life balance as she pursues her passion in the picturesque surrounds of Oita prefecture. An array of services have brought safety and convenience to her daily life, supporting tasks ranging from shopping for necessities to lodging her own visa application.
More than a decade after arriving in Japan as a university student, Zin knows that her initial leap of faith has enhanced her career development and prospects for the future. “From a global perspective, being able to work as a system engineer in Japan is viewed with a level of trust,” she says. “Even if I go abroad, I know that this will create opportunities for me.”


In Oita prefecture, Beppu’s hot springs and other natural riches give residents a unique quality of life. “I can gaze at the mountains and ocean on my daily commute, focus on my work in the office and then relax in an onsen, where I reset at the day’s end,” says Zin.